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The culture of continuous learning and growth is at the core of what we value at Codeminer42, which is why we have the Trainee program which aims to prepare people to work professionally by developing our projects. In this as context, we decided to take a step forward in the professional experience of our trainees and use this to do good, through the Codeminer42 Pro Bono.

What is it?

The program aims to offer some of our trainee program graduates free of charge so that they can collaborate on projects approved by us and gain real-world experience.

This initiative combines our belief in gaining knowledge through real experiences with the importance we place on having a positive impact on the world.

This is a program created by Codeminer42, company founded in 2011 and specialized in software development for clients around the world.

How to submit an application for a project?

To submit an application for a project, you must complete the application form describing your project and why you think it is eligible for the program. Approval of a project is completely reserved to Codeminer42, as well as the definition of the terms below, which must be fully accepted. We will give priority to social impact, public interest and non-profit projects.

What are the terms?

  • The pro bono allocation time of our developers is entirely up to Codeminer42, seeking to keep it aligned with the interests of the project;
  • Developers will maintain all confidentiality standards with the project they will work on;
  • Developers will not be responsible for managing the product or project, they will only work on developing the software;
  • We will not accept projects with political, religious or profit-making purposes;
  • The NGO should be based or have operations in Brazil;
  • A contract will be signed stating these and other terms. Click here to read the complete contract

Project examples

  • Donation management and payment systems
  • Public space management systems
  • Content Managers
  • Websites for attracting contributors and volunteers for NGOs